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All schools, educational institutions and public spaces should have a clean, convenient and accessible water source.

That is our aim here at Hydrate Caribbean.

Stations are FREE for hosts!

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Just spread the word!

Increase your chances of sponsorship

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Newport Water gets the ball rolling on your sponsorship goal.

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Hosts can get a location listed in four simple steps!

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Things you need to know as a host

Each Hydrate Station provides water sourced from the main that is then purified using Reverse Osmosis through the Hydrate Station.

Our systems provide a pure water taste very similar to bottled spring water.

As a host:

1. You are bringing the benefit of refreshing hydration to thousands of Barbadians and visitors

2. You are making Barbados a better more enjoyable place

3. You are cultivating the habit of drinking water which contributes to the health of our nation

4. You are cultivating the habit of refilling reusable water bottles which minimizes plastic bottles in our oceans and landfills

Stations are relevant to any high-traffic indoor or outdoor public location.
Access to a potable water supply, 110 or 220V power and limited drainage is required.

Schools and public spaces who choose to become a Hydrate Caribbean host pay zero for the station. They are responsible only to provide the space and cover the cost of utilities (water and electricity) to power the station.

On-going maintenance is also free of cost to the host, with Newport Water assuming full responsibility for the management, maintenance, and servicing.

At the time of sign up we will provide you with a list of ideas to help you drive contributions to your station.

We will also promote your location on all our social media channels, as well as inform our current clientele when a new location is live. 

Stations come in two sizes at the moment. 
See our station sizes here.

We have honed a formula which provides the best solution for high use water dispensers:
70% Support : 30% Equipment

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Hydrate Stations can be branded in one of three ways:

  1. Using one of the stations templates we have provided. 
  2. Host’s artwork
  3. Branded for a business – once that business has fully sponsored the station for 2 years or more.

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Or chat with one of our team members

Regan Gibbons

Hydrate Warrior
Happy to help with any questions!

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Being able to fill up on chilled water at your favourite park, beach or shopping mall would be great! Let’s know where you would like to see a Hydrate Station below & we’ll get in touch with those in charge!

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