A formula for sustainable drinking water in schools & everywhere!

70% support : 30% equipment



A proven formula, honed and refined through years of experience in the drinking water industry; powered by your sponsorship.
It guarantees drinking water that is refreshing, clean, accessible, and sustainable.


  • Intelligence – know the impact of stations through bottle-filling reports
  • Consultation and assessments – Newport helps with positioning and specifications
  • Set up and commission – Fully set up and commission right the first time
  • Fast response – 3-4 hours response time for break-fix issues.
  • Rigorous Quality Standards – disciplined filtration maintenance, sanitizations and checks supported by software
  • Technological upgrades – stations evolve as efficiency, hygiene and quality standards evolve


  • Robust stations for full outdoor or indoor environments.
  • Serves 70 to 140 litres of chilled water per hour (that’s over 250% the capacity of a traditional fountain)
  • Designed to withstand the rigours of the toughest environments.
  • Free to Use – no payment barrier
  • Affords access to all irrespective of age, height and size.

the result

Convenience & Reliability

With the help of yearly subscriptions, we’ve banished the struggles of traditional drinking fountains.

NO MORE: Broken & unhygienic drinking fountains

NO MORE: Limited access to drinking water

NO MORE: Inadequate chilling capacities of traditional drinking fountains

NO MORE: Waste associated with single use plastic bottles

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