Not all heroes wear capes

But they accomplish the mission!

The Mission

Unlimited, purified & chilled water for every student in every school.

Being a Hydration Hero means ensuring others have access to clean water. It involves recognizing its health importance and actively supporting initiatives like sponsoring water stations.

A Hydration Hero takes tangible steps to make a positive impact on individuals and communities.

How Heroic are you?:


US $100/2 years+


From US$200/2 years+


From US$800/2 years+


Full Sponsorship
Contact us for special rates!

The road to Heroism

How you can enlist!

1. Choose your desired location

Stations are divided by island, public locations & schools.
The size of the station is up to the host.

2. Show us your Heroic Strength!

Based on the amount you sponsor you can be a Hydration Sidekick, Hero or Superhero!
For up to 4 years at a time.

3. Checkout & make dreams a reality!

You can turn multiple locations into Hydration Havens at once, just add all to the cart before checkout!

The road to Heroism

What you provide!

Your heroism guarantees Hydration Stations that provide water that is:

  • Reverse Osmosis purified
  • Chilled
  • Clean & accessible
  • Sustainable

All made possible by our proven formula:



70% Support
30% Equipment

The Target amount

Heroes unite to reach full sponsorship!

Each station size has a specific target to acquire full sponsorship and be launched.

As an individual or business you get to choose how much you can contribute to realise the dream of pure water at each location!

Full-Sized Station

72"H x 54"W

Target Amount:
Starting at: US $24,000/ 2 years

Newport's Gift

US $2,000 / 2 years

Mini Station

54"H x 24"W

Target Amount:
Starting at: US $20,000/ 2 years

Newport's Gift

US $2,000 / 2 years

Bottle Filling Station

57"H x 19"W

Target Amount:
Starting at: US $16,000/ 2 years

Newport's Gift

US $1,000 / 2 years


Let's help you with FAQs!

The need for clean & accessible drinking water is not going away.

We want to ensure that when we promise a school and its students that we are committed to providing them with this essential resource to hydrate them during the day, we can hold up that promise for as long as possible.

Once our sponsors see their bottle fill numbers climbing each week, they recognize the significant impact they are making on the health and wellness of our nation, as well as towards environmental protection.

This means sponsorships are typically renewed due to the recognition businesses receive from partnering with the programme. However, if a sponsorship does end, we start our search for a new Hydration Hero to fill the gap.

Water is a daily need and we never want to leave a school without a safe hydration source.

Your sponsorship amount is taken at the time of checkout.
This is to ensure that the funds are recieved on time before the deadline.

After the deadline for sponsorship has passed and the total amount is not met, there is a predetermined grace period to allow for a final push for sponsorship.

If sponsorship is still not met, Hydration Hero’s are refunded their amount in full and the location is removed from the website.

Alternatively, once the total amount is met the station is moved to fully sponsored and we guarantee its deployment within 30 days.

We have honed a formula which provides the best solution for high use water dispensers:
70% Support : 30% Equipment

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Or chat with one of our team members

Regan Gibbons

Hydrate Warrior
Happy to help with any questions!

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