Is Recycling REALLY the Answer?

For our entire lives we have heard about recycling and seen it pushed as a solution to excuse the tremendous amount of plastic we are producing.

Look around you: How many items in your vicinity can you find that are made of plastic? 

Don’t answer that, because your tally would be wrong. Plastic has begun to seep into every industry and is hidden in items you wouldn’t even suspect. Now look down at your body. Would you believe us if we told you that you too are part plastic? 


It's now part of the problem.

Recycling has now become part of the problem because the microplastics produced during the breakdown processes have leaked into everything, including our water and our food. You have been unknowingly breathing in these microplastics and ingesting them. I’ve never known someone to willingly eat plastic, but isn’t that what we are doing with our placidity?

No one can deny that plastic pollution is an environmental problem, but who is addressing the health effects?

“The real solution to transforming the plastic economy lies in making less in the first place.”

Recycling has been put on an undeserving throne, but we need to go further upstream and see why we are relying on recycling in the first place: overconsumption.

Let’s use the water industry as an example. Water is a basic need, and because recycling has given us a false sense of security, people don’t think twice about purchasing bottled water, often by the gallon.

This is where Hydrate Caribbean comes into play. We took that basic need and came up with a sustainable alternative.

Instead of fishing in your purse and wallet for change to buy water when the thirst hits you, the idea is you always have your reusable bottle on hand and you can fill up in any environment. Don’t support the plastic industry which is killing us and the ecosystem we rely on to survive, and consider supporting this initiative – Hydrate Caribbean.

This is our “why”.

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