Seventh Day Adventist School


Safety Supply Company Inc

Station Size: Bottle Filler

Selected Theme: Fully Branded

Healthy habits from an early age!

Installed July 2022
Encouraging healthy drinking water habits from an early age is the common practice at this school. At the time of installation, the school was planning an assembly to reinforce the need to drink water throughout the day to its students. The station makes it easy for them to achieve this and the principal said it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Safety Supply Company, believes that clean water should be easily accessible to all school children, and they jumped at the opportunity to come on board with the programme.

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The sponsor of this hydration station guarantees drinking water that is refreshing, chilled, clean, accessible, and sustainable for all at this location.



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Seventh Day Adventist School

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Since: 07/2022

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