Sheraton Mall


Harris Paints Barbados

Station Size: Full

Selected Theme: Fully Branded

Protecting the Planet

Installed: July 2021
With Sheraton Mall aiming to reduce their carbon footprint and support other organizations who shared this goal, they signed on to host a hydration station at the main entrance of the go-to shopping location for many on island. Within no time the station was recognized by shoppers, cinema goers & members of the gym on property, and quickly racking up bottle fills. Being able to boast that it’s “The Mall That Has It All”, the high frequency of use of this Sheraton station comes as no surprise.

All of this was made possible by sponsor, Harris Paints Barbados. The redesigned station features artwork of the first Zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint to be introduced in the region, another testimony of Harris Paints commitment to a sustainable future!

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The sponsor of this hydration station guarantees drinking water that is refreshing, chilled, clean, accessible, and sustainable for all at this location.



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Sheraton Mall

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Since: 07/2021

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