Wesley Hall Junior School


The West India Biscuit Company Ltd

Station Size: Mini

Selected Theme: Fully Branded

Mini station a first at Wesley Hall

Installed: March 2022

As the long-awaited return to face-to-face instruction occurred, Wesley Hall was outfitted with a contactless hydration station.

The first primary school to benefit from the programme’s free, purified drinking water which sponsors facilitated, this 14th station was a special unveiling of the new mini station, the perfect size for the smaller primary school pupils. The introduction of this budget-friendly option, made possible by sponsor Wibisco, meant that not only Wesley Hall but other schools to come would be able to enjoy the free water source, as the children made their return to campus. School representatives highlighted the value of having drinking water readily available for all on the campus, as well as reducing the use of one-use plastic containers.

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The sponsor of this hydration station guarantees drinking water that is refreshing, chilled, clean, accessible, and sustainable for all at this location.



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Wesley Hall Junior School

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Since: 03/2022

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