Wildey Gymnasium


Banks Holdings Ltd

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Hydration for all!

Installed July 2022
The hydration station at the Wildey Gymnasium could not be a better fit for the location. The highly-used recreational area sees hundreds of Barbadians passing through each day, whether they are exercising on its grounds, attending an event, or participating in any number of organized activities, including swimming, tennis, football, concerts, or camps.

It was launched with a stamp of approval from the current Minister of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment himself, Charles Griffith. The number one usage for the grounds is sporting activity, and the addition of this Hydration Station means that the constant flow of foot and vehicular traffic now has access to a free and clean hydration source.

Sponsor, Banks Holdings Limited, was happy the project was coming to fruition at the site, adding that the move was in line with the company’s goals of not only being socially responsible but also encouraging Barbadians in healthy habits.

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The sponsor of this hydration station guarantees drinking water that is refreshing, chilled, clean, accessible, and sustainable for all at this location.



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Wildey Gymnasium

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Since: 07/2022

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