Wilkie Cumberbatch Primary School


Wilson Foundation Barbados

Station Size: Bottle Filler

Selected Theme: Fully Branded

Answering the Call for Hydration!

Installed: September 2023
For Tracy Wilson of Wilson Foundation, a UK based organization, sponsoring a Hydration Station for Wilkie Cumberbatch Primary School was a no brainer. She saw the convenience of the system at another Hydration Haven, St. Winifred’s, and knew that her contribution could make a big impact.

Being installed at the start of the 2023-2024 school term, meant that students were able to stay hydrated in a time when Barbados saw record breaking high temparatures and beating the heat was of upmost importance!
The students loved the look and technology of the station – sensor activated bottle filling feature, and welcomed this new hygienic hydration solution!
Thank you Wilson Foundation!

Powered by sponsorship,
sustained by a proven formula:


The sponsor of this hydration station guarantees drinking water that is refreshing, chilled, clean, accessible, and sustainable for all at this location.



Full Sponsor for:

Wilkie Cumberbatch Primary School

Filled Bottles &
Quenched Thirsts!
Since: 09/2023

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