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Barbados Diabetes Foundation & Great Pacific Group

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Installed: March 2024
This momentus unveiling was not only the first Hydrate Caribbean installation of the year since rebranding, but also the first of three stations that the Great Pacific Group will be sponsoring in schools in conjunction with the Barbados Diabetes Foundation.

The Great Pacific Group has partnered with the Diabetes Foundation and with Newport on the island to provide this water station for two reasons: Diabetes is a real issue in Barbados, and we want to help to be part of a solution. And we believe that by getting young people in the habit of drinking water and not sugary drinks, that sets them on the right path to adulthood,” shared President of the Great Pacific Trust Colin Mitchell.

At the launch, principal Mrs. Sonja Goodridge expressed her grattitude, “We are extremely pleased here at the Coleridge & Parry School to have been gifted this water station. I’m sure that it will help to keep our students hydrated. We are an active school – the students are always running around and playing – and definitely, in this time when outside is extremely hot, we are happy to know that our students can be hydrated. A lot of students drink water all day, every day,”

Read the full article on Barbados Today!

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